Volunteer-In-Parks (VIP) Surety Bonds

Individuals, couples, families, students or organized groups who are interested in volunteering at national parks across the United States must start by applying with the National Park Service (NPS). Volunteer work varies by park, but may include: answering visitor questions, presenting living history demonstrations, building fences, painting buildings, giving guided nature walks, assisting in preservation of museum artifacts, maintaining trails and designing computer programs or park websites. A list of current, open positions can be found here.

Once ready, Form OMB 0596-0080 can be completed and submitted for review. If the application meets the park’s needs, they will contact you for an interview or to discuss further details. If a match is not made, you will still be contacted. VIP’s should be in good health. A medical exam may be required for some positions, while others may require a background check due to increased security.

Additionally, part of the application process may include providing a surety bond running to the US Army Corp of Engineers. The common bond amount is $5,000, but it is always suggested to confirm before purchasing.

Pacific Surety offers industry low rates and can obtain approvals for almost all credit situations. Once our simple application has been completed, we can have pricing to you within hours. If you have any specific questions, please contact our knowledgeable underwriting staff.

Pacific Surety proudly offers Volunteer-In-Parks (VIP) Surety Bonds in the following states:

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