About Us

Pacific Surety Insurance Agency, Inc. (Pacific Surety) has been serving California’s surety bond market since 1997. Known for its exceptional customer service and competitive rates, Pacific Surety offers a wide range of surety bonds to meet the needs of small and large business owners including motor vehicle dealers, contractors, mortgage brokers, medical equipment suppliers, operators of private trade or vocational schools, and more, across the United States.

With a valued network of A-rated surety companies, our team strives to inspire businesses to succeed by allowing clients to purchase bonds directly, without using other agents or brokers, thus saving time and fees while assuring their compliance with all governing legislation. Pacific Surety ensures that business owners are licensed with the appropriate surety bonds and necessary coverage to operate, allowing them to focus on what truly matters most – their business.

Pacific Surety is licensed in California and was acquired by Napa River Insurance Services, Inc. (Napa River) in March 2016. Napa River is a subsidiary of Hudson Insurance Group. Learn more about our insurance information practices here.