Colorado Mortgage Broker Surety Bonds

Businesses looking to operate as a Mortgage Loan Originator or Mortgage Broker in the State of Colorado are required to file a surety bond with the Colorado Division of Real Estate. The bond amount varies depending on the number of licensees. Below is a breakdown of the bond limits:

  • Individual License – $25,000 Bond Amount
  • Less Than 20 Licensees – $100,000 Bond Amount
  • More Than 20 Licensees – $200,000 Bond Amount

This mortgage broker surety bond acts as protection from acts of fraud, forgery, criminal impersonation or fraudulent impersonation committed by the Loan Originator while licensed in Colorado. Clients can file bond claims to seek reimbursement due to these acts.

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Surety Bond Name

Bond Limit

Mortgage Broker Surety Bonds – Colorado