Florida Game of Chance Surety Bonds

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) regulates all game promotions, including out-of-state promotions that are open to Florida residents, which offer prizes totaling more than $5,000. A game promotion is defined as the following:

  • A contest, game of chance, sweepstakes or gift enterprises conducted by an operator within or throughout the state and other states in connection with and incidental to the sale of consumer products or services and in which the elements of chance and prize are present.

Operators must file with the FDACS seven days prior to commencement of the game promotion. In addition, a surety bond is required from the operator unless they have conducted game promotions in Florida for at least five consecutive years and they have had no civil, criminal or administrative actions instituted against them during that five year period. This surety bond ensures the principal (game operator) pays out all prizes won and complies with all regulations in Section 849.094 of the Florida Statutes. The bond amount for this type of bond varies and must equal at all times the total amount of the prizes offered. It is recommended that you contact the FDACS for the specific bond amount you need prior to bonding.

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Game of Chance Surety Bonds – Florida