Nevada Cemetery Broker Surety Bonds

A Cemetery Broker, also known as Cemetery Seller or Funeral Seller, is defined by Nevada state law as one who, for compensation, sells items related to the equipment and supplies used in a burial. This definition includes cremations and crematory services. Funeral related matters that are excluded from this definition include services performed/provided by a cemetery, such as land, markers, memorials, monuments or merchandise and equipment in relation to the cemetery, or the sale of crypts or niches constructed or to be constructed in a mausoleums or columbarium or other wise on the property of a cemetery.

Anyone who seeks to become a cemetery broker must apply for a license with the Nevada Division of Insurance (NDI). Per NRS 689.495, applicants are required to submit a $50,000 surety bond as part of the licensing process. This surety bond guarantees the principal (cemetery broker) will comply with all provisions of Chapter 689 of the Nevada Revised Statutes, and protects the consumer from fraudulent and illegal acts committed by the principal in the course of their duties. If a harmed party files a valid claim against the bond, the surety will pay out up to the penal sum of the bond to resolve the claim. The principal is then required to reimburse the surety for all monies paid out, including any attorney fees.

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Cemetery Broker Surety Bonds – Nevada