Flordia Yacht and Ship Broker Surety Bonds

In order to obtain a license as a Yacht Salesperson, an individual must:

The licensure period for a Yacht and Ship license is biennial (two years) and upon completion of the first two consecutive years, a Yacht Salesperson may be eligible to upgrade their license to the status of a Yacht Broker or Employing Broker, each requiring a $25,000 surety bond.

The basic duties of a Yacht Salesperson and a Yacht Broker are similar, with the main difference being the Yacht Broker status indicates additional experience in the industry. Employing Brokers (and all licensees) must maintain a principal place of business in Florida, and have the option of being in sole practice or employing other Yacht Salespersons or Yacht Brokers in their company. If required, there may be more than one Employing Broker within each company. Employing Brokers also have the additional requirement of establishing an escrow (trust) account in a Florida financial institution, and the option of establishing Branch Office Licenses for secondary locations. (See Employing Broker’s Branch Office License Application – DBPR Form YS 6000-4.)

Pacific Surety is pleased to offer competitive pricing on both the Salesperson and Broker bonds. Feel free to complete an application for quick approvals.

Yacht Salesperson Bond – $10,000

Yacht Broker or Employing Broker Bond (after initial two-year Salesperson term has been met) – $25,000

Surety Bond Name

Bond Limit

Yacht and Ship Broker Surety Bonds – Flordia

$25,000 – 2 Year Bond Term

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