Connecticut Medical Marijuana Surety Bonds

The Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) licenses and regulates Medical Marijuana producers in the state of Connecticut. Pursuant to Chapter 420f – Section 21a-408 of the Connecticut General Statutes, there are two surety bond requirements covering the construction and operation of a marijuana production facility.

  • Medical Marijuana Producer Performance Bond – Construction of a Production Facility
    • $2,000,000 Surety Bond
      • This bond guarantees that the principal will construct a production facility that is fully operational and able to commence production of marijuana as provided for in the license application.
    • If the Commissioner of the DCP determines that the principal has timely and successfully met its obligation to construct a production facility, the bond obligation is null and void.
  • Medical Marijuana Producer Performance Bond – Operation of a Production Facility
  • This bond guarantees that the principal provides a substantially uninterrupted supply of marijuana to its usual dispensary facility customers during the term of the license.
  • Can be reduced by $500,000 if certain milestones are achieved. These include providing uninterrupted services without violation for a period of time as outlined by Sections 21a-408-1 to 21a-408-70

Please go to the DCP website for additional information, applications and to verify that applications are being accepted.

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Medical Marijuana Surety Bonds – Connecticut