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Marijuana Disposal Surety Bonds For Coalinga CA

California City of Coalinga Marijuana Disposal Surety Bonds guarantee the principal’s fulfillment of their financial obligation to cover the cost of the destruction of cannabis or cannabis related products in the event of their violating licensing requirements. This decision can be determined by either the city of Coalinga or the state of California, and payment must be made in a 30-day period. Violations include any products which were produced outside of the predetermined licensing requirements. Other reasons for the necessary disposal and destruction of product can include changes in regulation regarding permitted pesticides, packaging requirements and damage incurred during transit or delivery. The city of Coalinga provides random testing of cultivated marijuana to ensure that cannabis being grown is the highest in quality, and to guarantee the safety of the user. These surety bonds also ensure the principal’s adherence to all applicable laws and regulations including Coalinga Municipal Code, Section 9-5.128.

These surety bonds are issued in the amount of $25,000. Pricing is dependent of the principal’s credit score.

Please feel free to visit the City of Coalinga’s web page for more details regarding their commercial marijuana operations.

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