Alaska City of Anchorage Municipality Medical Marijuana Surety Bonds

Alaska City of Anchorage Municipality Marijuana Tax Surety Bonds are required by the Municipality of Anchorage for individuals and businesses engaged in the retail sale of marijuana and marijuana based products. These surety bonds ensure that retailers fulfill their tax obligations, in accordance with Anchorage Ordinance 2016-49 and the Chapter 12.50 of the Anchorage Municipal Code, as well as all additionally applicable laws and regulations. This requirement coincides with the municipality’s 2016 ruling of a 5% sales tax on cannabis and its derivative products. These surety bonds protect the municipality in the event that a retailer fails to satisfy their financial obligations.

The issued amount of these surety bonds is determined by the Chief Fiscal Officer and is representative of the average annual sales tax collection of the retailer, comparable peers, industry averages or a standard $10,000.

The cost of these surety bonds is dependent of the principal’s credit score. Base rates are established at 5% of the bond amount.

Please feel free to visit the Municipality of Anchorage’s web page for more details regarding Marijuana Tax Surety Bonds.

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Medical Marijuana Surety Bonds – Alaska, City of Anchorage