Connecticut Game of Chance Surety Bonds

In Connecticut, pursuant to Public Act No. 17-231, municipalities are responsible for the permitting and enforcement of all bazaars and raffles taking place in their town. Organizations who wish to operate a bazaar or raffle may be required to file a Game of Chance Surety Bond with their municipality before they can begin operation. The bond amount varies and must equal the total dollar amount of all prizes offered. It is recommended that you contact your local municipality for the specific bond amount you will require prior to bonding.

A Game of Chance Surety Bond ensures that the principal fulfills all its obligations, including delivering prizes as promised, promoted or advertised to the winners of the game or contest. If the principal fails to fulfill its obligations, the harmed party can file a claim against the bond. If validated, the surety company will pay out up to the penal sum of the bond to resolve the claim. The principal is responsible for reimbursing the surety for any monies paid out, including any attorney fees that are incurred.

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Game of Chance Surety Bonds – Connecticut