Washington Contractor License Surety Bonds

To complete licensing requirements with the Washington Department of Labor and Industries, Contractors must submit a surety bond. Bond amounts vary depending on the license being applied for. Below is a list of licenses and their respective amounts:

  • Electrical/Telecommunications License – Bond Amount: $4,000
  • Specialty Contractor License – Bond Amount: $6,000
  • General Contractor License – Bond Amount: $12,000

Electrical Contractors must submit a completed application, original surety bond and pay their application fees. Fees for the license include $277.60 for license processing (GL 1450) and $41.60 for Administrator/Master Assignment (GL 1555). All electrical contractor licenses expire twenty-four calendar months following the day of their issue. This surety bond acts as a guarantee that the contractor will comply with the provisions of all Electricians and Electrical Installations Law (Chapter 19.28 RCW) and any electrical ordinance, building code or regulation of a city or town.

Specialty and General Contractors have a similar process which includes completing an application and filing the surety bond. While General Contractors can apply for multiple trades, Specialty Contractors are limited to one. A list of the different specialty contractor classifications can be found here. This surety bond guarantees the contractor will comply with the rules and regulations of Washington State Legislature Chapter 18.27 RCW.

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Contractor License Surety Bonds – Washington