New Mexico Contractor License Bonds

In the state of New Mexico, all licensed contractors need to secure a $10,000 surety bond to comply with the requirements of NMSA 1978, Section 60-13-49, effective July 1st, 2009. The bonds run to the State of New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department, and will remain in effect until cancelled by the surety company or principal.

The following documents must be submitted to the Regulation and Licensing Department in order for the license to be approved. They must be delivered by hand or mail. Faxed or emailed forms will not be accepted.

  • Completed Contractor License Application
  • Copy of valid qualifying party certificate or copy of exam score report showing passing score
  • Proof of Financial Responsibility – $10,000 Surety Bond
  • Proof of current (within the last year) New Mexico Tax ID number application with official stamp or registration certificate
  • Proof of registration with the New Mexico Secretary of State (only if Contractor is a Corporation, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Partnership or Limited Liability Company)
  • Self-addressed envelope with postage to return application materials upon rejection

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Contractor License Bonds – New Mexico