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Florida Motor Vehicle/Salvage Dealer Surety Bonds Renewal Notice: Renew your bond before April 30th to stay in compliance.

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We ensure that business owners are licensed with the appropriate surety bonds and necessary coverage to operate, allowing them to focus on what truly matters most – their business.

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We allow clients to purchase surety bonds directly, without using other agents or brokers, thus saving time and fees while ensuring their compliance with all governing legislation.

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We provide clients with the most competitive of rates and unprecedented customer service.

As a Pre-Owned Vehicle Dealer in California, service and attention to detail is what matters most to me. I need timely attention regarding billing, issuance, price quotes and general service when it comes to my $50,000 Dealer Bond. Pacific Surety’s responsiveness to phone calls, emails and general inquiries is why I chose them to be my Bond provider. I know I can count on them to be there should I have an issue with my business. I’m happy to have a great provider like Pacific Surety in my corner.

John Frappier

No Snow Auto